The Pandemic through the eyes of an Astrologer

Rosemary Clark

Man has been fascinated by the stars for thousands of years. Astrology was used in Biblical times by sages and seers, kings and the common people. Unfortunately, today there are many who feel it is a load of nonsense but I find it very interesting and would like to share my own thoughts on the current pandemic as seen through the eyes of an Astrologer.

I am not here to convince you of the truth of it or not, but what I do know is that there is solid proof of the planets affecting the earth and the Moon is just one such example.

So what is going on in the skies as we face this Covid pandemic?

This is undoubtably a historic event we are living through and perhaps even a reminder of those biblical times. The times of fires and floods, of plagues and pestilence.

From my perspective, we have a very obvious planetary line-up that gives a real clue as to what has happened and what may happen although let’s be clear, this is not a prediction.

During January 2020, we had conjunction, when two or more planets occur in the same place in time and space at the same time, of Pluto and Saturn at 22 degrees Capricorn.

Liz Green, the well known Jungian Analyst and Astrologer, talks about the connection between fate and the planet Pluto and what that means to us.

It’s a well known fact that the incidence of depression and anxiety, violence and destruction are very much a part of our world today. All of those things have an effect on us whether we choose to acknowledge them or not.

In Astrological terms this is the realm of Pluto. These are the attributes we say are “ruled”by Pluto.

Liz Green also talks about fate being connected to family patterns and the circumstances beyond our control that we are born into or have to deal with.

These can be physical, cultural, financial, geographical or any other circumstance or pattern that defines and confines us to a certain area or way of being.

Every one of us has these confinements, hereditary and family patterns and every one of us is confronted by them at some point or points in our life.

But let’s look at this on a global scale.
Pluto has currently been transiting, or moving through the sign of Capricorn since January 2008 and will be there until October 2024, at least another 4 years.
So, what does that mean?

Capricorn represents structure and discipline, systems and order.

What Pluto brings is destruction and chaos, an end to what has been put in place, by us, to make us feel safe, all our structures and systems, and no matter how much of an illusion that might be, we still cling to them.

The systems we have put in place to make us a functioning society include our businesses and financial systems, the way we earn our money, how we “store” it and use it, how we hold onto it for fear of there not being enough, how we draw boundaries around what is mine and what is yours or not yours.

As I said, Saturn is one of the planets in this conjunction but is also the ruler of Capricorn so its influence is very strong.

The Planet Jupiter, which moves a lot faster than the other two planets, passed through that conjunction adding its influence into the mix…amplifying the effects of the Saturn and Pluto conjunction.

In other words, it exaggerated the effects but, as Jupiter can also have a very positive effect, perhaps things could have been worse without it’s benefic presence.

We have had, and are still in the slipstream of an exceptionally powerful influence.

So what has been affected apart from the obvious?

Firstly, the current educational system probably needs a good shake up. It tends to cater for and value the academic and to discount the preservers of the arts and crafts, values the mind over the heart, possibly because the mind is clever and can “make money” so there will be more for me and mine, and to a large degree discounts the heart, the creativity, the feminine.

Secondly, the way we have conducted our relationships, where one group has power over another group, often because they have more money, more intellect, more weapons or in the case of companies or countries, their threat is larger than anyone else’s.

Often our reward systems are based on how clever we are at making money rather than the integrity and humanity of the person.

It is a well known fact that companies working for the good of others, or the protection of the natural world, the environment and the people in it, are dependent on others for funding because it is valued so poorly.

The word Hubris comes to mind here.

We have become so full of our own power and importance that we have forgotten that we are all custodians of this planet.

The poor get poorer, businesses collapse, crime increases out of the fear of “not enough” and society degenerates as people struggle to survive.

And this is where we find the influence of Pluto.

Here is a power greater than us that we cannot hope to counter, even with all our weapons and clever minds. There is nothing one can do in the face of this power except to work with it rather than struggle against it.

Pluto will bring chaos, it will level the playing field in one way or another.

It is already in the process as we look around us at the changing weather patterns, the earthquakes, the increased public violence, crime and destruction of the environment.

The breakdown has actually been going on for years and now we are really seeing the effects.

Obviously there are other things at work here too but what is our part in this whole breakdown?

What can we do to ease and aid the process to work with it for the good of us all, not only for ourselves but for the whole living entity of our planet?

Each of us will be feeling this breakdown differently.

Certain things we took for granted may pass away and have to be replaced by something else.

For each of us the destruction or ending will be different. It could be the loss of a job, forced retirement, even the loss of a loved one. Nature is in the process of restoring balance.

What can we do in the face of that?

One thing we know for sure is that after the death and destruction there will be a rebirth.

There will be new life, a new way of being but what will that look like?

The rebirth will possibly bring lots of technological breakthroughs as we have to rely more and more on technology to go about our business, and I think new and innovative ways of working and living will come about. Entrepreneurship will come even more prevalent as large businesses become unsustainable. Each of us will have to find our own way through this in any way we can.

Will it be more greed and desperation or is there hope for us?

It is in our hands.

I obviously don’t have too many answers to that but what I do know is that Pluto will go into Aquarius, the humanitarian sign, in 2024 and we will probably have to look long and hard at how we treat one another, work together, collaborate and interact across all the borders and boundaries of the world.

I think we already know this.

I think it is important for each one of us to envision a future and work towards it coming about. What are we going to need to make our way, and how can we assist others so that it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

Let’s see what we can do to work with the flow of the breakdown to assist the rebirth in the most positive way we can.

We can do that by examining our own motivations and internal demons because for sure we have been part of where we find ourselves now.

We need to put aside our fear, our fears are fuelling the negativity, find a way to collaborate so that everyone’s basic needs are met. We need to work to put structures in place that help things to work more efficiently…not put things in place to be used as punishment. Using “power over” people exacerbates distress and is unnecessary.

Perhaps every day we need to identify an intention for good for that day. Creating a more positive mindset for ourselves can only be beneficial.

And perhaps by living and working at what we love and value, we can find a way to a positive new beginning.

Don’t underestimate the power of each person’s intention.

This is a real leveller – let’s not slip back to the same-old same-old.

I still believe the only currency worth dealing in is care and compassion.