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The journey includes:

  • 4 x 45 minute online preparation modules for our initial day long time of adaption, contemplation and calming in a relaxed setting.

  • 10 x 45-minute New Lifestyle Modules covering Nutrition, exercise and sleep Vulnerability and courage Attracting Money, Energy and Abundance, Life  after Grief and Loss , Logotherapy, Viktor Frankl  and other life defining courses.

  • 12 New World of Work Opportunities and ideas like Starting an online business and e-commerce opportunities, Care-giving as an occupation, Income from Air BnB and Hospitality, Playing the Stock and Forex markets for profit, Start a small manufacturing business in your Garage,  Drive an UBER and  transportation opportunities for your car.

  • Embracing the best time of our Lives offers Inspiration and hands on help via webinars and pod casts from adventurers, achievers and role models who have used advancing years to create the best period of their lives and to achieve true peace and meaning

  • Vlog spot, the Gogo bench and ongoing support from our Tribe and Forum groups.